Friday, January 16, 2009

My art on the front page of Etsy? Yes please!

It's what all Etsians want, to see their creations on the front page of the Etsy website. It's the first thing visitors see when they enter the wonderful world of Etsy. Really there is not much better promotion wise than a spot right here. And yes, that IS my art! Bottom right hand is my 'Minimum' pair of paintings.
How did I get there? Well, it's not thanks to me, but thanks to Emma (Benconservato). She composed the selection you see above and was nice enough to include me. The selection is called a 'Treasury' and every few days the Treasury section of Etsy magically opens and if you are online at that split second, you get to make a page of your selections. Etsy rules keep the whole thing friendly - you cannot put your own stuff in a Treasury. It is a sharing caring kinda thing. Here's the link so you can view the Treasury on Etsy and check out all the featured items.

And it turns out to be a big day for Etsy Treasuries for me because I managed to snavell one in 'Treasury West' (don't ask, I don't know, but it is different to the main Treasury). Below you can see my selections. These are all the products of Australian creatives. I'd love you to check them out so here is the link to where you can see my Treasury at Etsy where it is clickable so you can really check it out.

But you will have to be reasonably quick to see these anywhere but here, Emma's Treasury expires in a day and mine in 3. Yes, it's all very transient over at Etsy, which is good because it keeps it all fresh and there is always something new to look at, but it also means that by the time I finished typing this post, my paintings were no longer on the Front Page. Ah, but it was nice!


Creative Minds said...

Great blog!

planettreasures said...

congrats on the front page, Jan.
Great minds think alike! I have started blogging about treasuries I have been in or curated.
I did my first one on monday, and I might make it a weekly event (if I am in any treasuries).
Your is a great post, I like the way you explained everything.

Jan Allsopp said...

Thank you ladies!