Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Flies, spiders and other pesky situations

This is my first attempt at animation, done on Flipbook!
which is now part of Benettonplay! Toybox
I only found this site today, and this was done on the trackpad of my laptop
(that is my excuse for the wobbly bits).

After creating 'Louey and I', I realised
I could use Flipbook! to explain my long absence from ...in my spare time.
So here goes... (I'll use my mouse this time...)

I'm recovering but it is slow. I have no idea what type of spider bit me, and the doctors didn't need to know. The spider bite caused cellulitis and provoked shingles. I spent 48 hours on IV antibiotics and a week popping all kinds of medications. It has left me weak and fatigued. I've been off work for weeks now! To get better I'm now having vitamin B12 injections, taking an array of vitamins and minerals, eating really well and visiting my Kinesiologist. With all that I should be back and bouncing really soon!

P.S. My template is in flux and all because I really wanted
one of those "older posts" links at the bottom of the page. Bear with me.
I will get it done, but it is a lot of work, and I need a rest now.