Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Exquisite Corpse Moleskine Exchange is underway

I've finally finished my pages in my own Moleskine for the moly_x_48 - The Exquisite Corpse exchange.
Yes, I went with playing cards, and as I said over at the exchange blog, that happens to me a lot.
These pages will eventually be cut twice (dividing them into 3) and the book will become a mix-up book, where my images and words can be mixed with the other 12 artists work and create... well crazy mixed up pictures and sentences.
The Moleskine exchange group can be found over at Flickr. It is becoming a huge group now and there are new exchanges starting up all the time. Join one. You will love the experience. I'm in 3!


scb said...

I love the fact that he's dropped the icecream in a puddle on the floor! Looks just like Grub, moments before she erupts... I wonder where the idea came from?

Ramires said...

Great work Jan, I hope do a moly_x with you some day, I'll link you in my blog :-)

Penny said...

Love these Jan, thanks for the comments, havent had a lot of time lately but that woman well she just had to be recorded.
No time for moleskin swaps shame but there it is, thought the older you got the more time you had, doesnt work for me.