Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Sale - Rough Justice

A gorgeous little book, Rough Justice by CE Montague is now a gorgeous little sketchbook or journal. The red bookcloth cover has a phoenix debossed on it, the spine has gold text and a gold floral emblem pattern as well. The front and back covers have debossed double line borders. The cover is in excellent condition but shows its age with wear at the base of the spine from where it has sat in bookcases for who knows how long.
I haven’t been able to determine how old this book is as it has not copyright date. That in itself indicates it is at least 60 years old and comes from a time before copyright dates were routinely added to the information about a book. The author has written the book in memory of ‘F.F.M. who died on October 30, 1925.’
When the endpapers in a book have nothing special about them I remove them when I rebind a book because it allows me to do more to it than I can otherwise. This book was one of these and now has a host of new additions like:

* 24 original pages scattered throughout
* 8 pages old sheet music
* 16 pages old exercise books with various lines, guides and grids
* 4 pages of my Gocco printed designs on found book pages
* 8 pages of my Gocco test prints (random designs, overprinting)
* 20 pages Arches 185 gsm smooth hotpressed watercolour paper
* 36 pages Canson Montval 200gsm medium watercolour paper
* 12 mixed Canson Montval, and Mont Marte watercoloured papers, some with bottom folds forming tuck-in pockets
* textured chartreuse ricepaper endpages
* black elastic closer
* yellow tape measure page marker
And if that’s not enough, I’ve reinforced the spine to keep the book going another couple of decades!
My rebound books make great sketchbooks or journals. I use high quality paper and archival bookbinders glue, pastes and materials. I allow each book to ‘tell’ me how it wants to be reborn so they are all very different.
And all my rebound books, including Rough Justice, are part of the Etsy Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale! 10% off! But the price will go back to normal on Tues Dec 2. Check my shop for more details and browse the rest of the great sellers at Etsy for bargains in this promotion.

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scb said...

What gorgeous books! I particularly like "Rough Justice"... story of my life! I thought you must be really busy as you'd gone quiet for a bit, but blimey, you've been cooking on gas. Catch up with you soon, love, Sara x