Saturday, November 29, 2008

My word I love a library book - almost as much as a bargin!

This old school library book has been reborn as a high quality journal or sketchbook. ‘By Word of Mouth, an Anthology of Prose for reading aloud’ compiled by Clive Sansom was published in 1962.
It has the stamp of the Presbyterian Ladies College Armidale on it and a hand written notation ‘School Stock’ on the first page. The book holds a secret that shows just how valued it was by the schools pupils – the book has a flaw from it’s original binding where some pages were missed by the guillotine and are still unseparated! No reader got that far into the book or bothered to tear them open, so they are still in their original folded condition! I was careful to make sure these pages were safely returned to the book during rebinding keeping the individual charm of the book intact.

I was disappointed how this school book lacked an old library card pocket so I added one! I have a stack of original due date slips I got from a school library that still had them (using them for notepaper!) from when they changed to barcodes. I’ve purchased some envelopes just like the ones that they used. I’ve attached the library card pocket inside the back cover.
The book has a gorgeous cover, book cloth with printed turquoise and white diamond pattern with black lines. The title is printed on the cover in black on a turquoise square. The back cover also has the pattern printed on it. The cover shows some discolouration on the spine but is in good condition for its age. The rebound book now includes:

* 64 original pages (including one uncut, see above)
* 20 pages Canson Montval 185gsm medium watercolour paper
* 24 pages Arches rough 185gsm coldpressed watercolour paper
* 8 pages Arches smooth 185gsm hotpressed watercolour paper
* black elastic closer
* black & white headbands
* black textured paper endpapers
My rebound books make great sketchbooks or journals. I use high quality paper and archival bookbinders glue, pastes and materials. I allow each book to ‘tell’ me how it wants to be reborn so they are all very different. And all my rebound books, including By Word Of Mouth, are part of the Etsy Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale! 10% off! But the price will go back to normal on Tues Dec 2. Check my shop for more details and browse the rest of the great sellers at Etsy for bargains in this promotion.

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