Saturday, July 01, 2006

Progress Report

A week to go until my (exhibition) hanging... And I am journalling it in my new Moleskine. I haven't had one of the standard sized ones before. My first Moleskine was the larger sketchbook. I am almost finished it and have purchased a replacement. I also got this little one. I am surprised at how excited I am about this little one. Over the years I have worked big and bigger. Any book, no matter how large it was, wasn't big enough and I felt limited. Then the last few years I have gradually down-sized, but I am surprised at how small I want to go! I do have a 170cm x 60cm work to go in my exhibition, but I also have a series of seven small 8cm square canvases as well.

I won't be posting any images of works for my exhibition until they are safely on the wall. (Check my Archives for the May post "Carnival Clown" - it was the first of these works.) Yes, I'm still painting! But it is going well, just finishing off really... although there are those other ones I still want to do....

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Marquisdejolie said...

Cool stuff! I enjoy your work. Have you posted any slideshows of it on YouTube or Revver?