Saturday, July 22, 2006

I Did It!!!

Yes, I've seen how so many bloggers talk about "Bloglines" and how great it is. So of course I raced off to sign up; I hate to feel left out. Signed up months ago! Completed the registration... and there was this screen with stuff on it. The only bit I understood was that I had successfully registered and now could use Bloglines. So? How do you use it? I decided to think about it another day.

Well, that 'another' day came, actually a few times. I would decide to go and check it out and see if I could figure it out. Nup. (And I'm not really technically backward! But all this blogging stuff is new to me.)

Then today I found a link on Anastasia's blog to another blog (you know how it goes) and on that blog I found this post, and PRESTO! I can now do it.

So all you bloggers out there, I've probably just subscribed to your blog in my bloglines, because now I have 84 'feeds'!!!


Laura said...

You've been one of mine for a while now! Bloglines is a great way to keep up with my favorite sites.

AnastasiaC said...

you've been one of mine too!!
I have 90 subscribed blogs now so still up ahead but its such a time saver!!

Linda said...

It sure does make it easier to keep up! :-)

chris said...

Hi. First time visitor. I dig what you've got going on, so I thought I'd leave a fingerprint.