Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Progress Report 2

Ok, so I'm progressing. I've decided not to start any more!!! I'm going to focus on finishing. I have such a problem with avoidance and procrastination when working for something like this, actually even to some degree while I'm sketching too.
That is why I have Eric Maisel in the 'guru' part of my side-bar links. He has devoted his working life to helping people like me just simply DO what it is we love doing. A crazy situation!
So if you understand what I'm saying here, and you don't know Eric Maisels books, click the link and check him out.
Ok, Ok! I'm off to paint...


AnastasiaC said...

Oh Im the biggest procrastinater of all time!! I think most creative types are!
Whens your exhibition??

Sioux said...

Wow, do I need that book...am clicking NOW!!