Monday, July 24, 2006

Last Opening Post

I promise this is the last post about my exhibition... (X) Some people said they'd like to see some photos of the night.

That's me in my 'perfect shirt' (which I did get around to making because I still couldn't find one after scouring 3 cities and one town!)

And that's Dr Leigh Summers with the shawl, officially opening the exhibition. Leigh originally booked my exhibition; at the time she was Director/Curator of the Bunker Gallery. Recently she took up the position of Director of Coffs City Gallery and Coffs Harbour Museum. We are so lucky to have her doing these jobs. She is fantastically enthusiastic and intensly interesting. The exhibition runs at the Bunker Cartoon Gallery until the end of July.

And the man holding the toddler is Christophe Granet, the cartoonist whose exhibition was also opened that night.


Linda said...

Oh no! It shouldn't be your last post! This is truly exciting stuff, and some of us are vicariously living through you right now -- keep us up on what's going on with it all!

Robyn said...

Very well done, Jan. It is great to know that good art is happening right here in Oz.

Karen said...

Congratulations on your successful opening!

caitlin the fantastico said...

Congratulations mum, it looked amazing. I really wish i could have been there (i still want the red and black one).
love you