Friday, August 07, 2009

Studio with Thoughts finished - again

I posted a shot of this painting last week. At the time I thought it was finished. This time it really is. Studio with Thoughts.
It has to be finished because today is the closing day for entries to EMSLA. It has been turned upside down again since last week. This orientation is how it began. It has a much more enclosed feeling and is actually quite three dimensional. The thought patterns float in the air inside my small cramped studio. The colours are muted because it is what happens in the space that is the most important thing.

I am taking a big risk here. EMSLA is a selected (juried) exhibition and I will be publically humiliated if I don't get in now that I've blogged about it. But I wanted mostly to record the entry of it into the competition. I've not been entering competitions for many years for a variety of reasons. It will be good for me to face my demons and get my work out there again - even if it is only for the selection process and I miss the exhibiting part. It will be good for me.


kyles said...

Best of luck Jan, I know it's scary putting yourself out there and very brave of you documenting the process, I am doing the same at the moment with my job seeking and creative pursuits...but for what it's worth I think your painting is gorgeous, and look forward to checking it out in the flesh :)

SCB said...

It is scary but it's fantastic that you're braving it all again. Good luck! See you soon, Sara

Jan Allsopp said...

Thanks guys. Who needs public success when one has wonderful friends like you two!

Well, it's official. The entry is IN. I was told "the standard is VERY high this year."

At least I did it! I entered.

angela said...

Love it. The standard MUST be high this year if they have you to compete with Jan!

Elise said...

Hello, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your wonderful post, thank you - I'm really loving your blog too !