Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Shopping List - Pet Pleasures

Showing Roly here earlier this week made me think about shopping for him on Etsy - something I must admit I've never done. Look at all the fabulous stuff you can get! These elevated bowls are just what Roly has needed all his life (poor deprived dog). If you read the boxer handbook it says to use elevated bowls. I've never seen elevated bowls before!

Roly had a tag with his name and number on it but he lost it. I really like this design. Something a bit arty for my very creative* dog.
* read as "destructive"
Unique Handmade ID Tag from Urban Puppy

You saw how Roly loves his bed, and how he especially loves being wrapped up in a blankie, well how is this for an idea! With this bed Roly could wrap himself!
Eco Pet Bed by Annie's Sweatshop

It didn't really show in the photos this time but Roly has a fabulous coat. I made it for him many years ago. It is faux fur in yellow with black spots. It has a vague 'banana' vibe. Coffs Harbour is well know for bananas and even has The Big Banana. Roly's coat also has a vague 'royal' vibe, kind of ermine only the wrong colours. For a while there we called him the "King of the Bananas." Thankfully it didn't stick. Roly's coat is constructed in pretty much the same style as this one below. It is by far the best dog coat design I've come across. This one looks gorgeous and I love the enthusiasm of it's model!
Chili Dog Coat by Acme Couture

Eh hem. Roly has worn some pretty silly things in his time, but really! I must say however, he prefers it when they are worn by a cat! Roly wouldn't know what to lick first - the cat or the hat!
Pink Fancy Sombrero by To Scarborough Fair

Amelie from To Scarborough Fair says:
The cat items are made for occasional use; they are very lightweight and comfortable, and you would be amazed how, with a little extra TLC and some treats, your cat will get comfortable *wearing* them (on those special, fun occasions), like she/he gets used to wearing a collar.
I really should get Roly a cat to play with...


Lee Beth said...

These pictures are so cute!

Cath from chunkychooky said...

I can't believe I missed all these gift ideas for my 9 year old beast!

Annie's Sweatshop said...

woof woof :)

planettreasures said...

Honestly that cat does NOT look happy!
I think I would like a snuggle bed like that too.