Friday, August 14, 2009

News Flash! - It's Roly again

Roly is this weeks Weekly Monster on Tilda in the Burbs! Tilda (another Boxer) is a little more clever than Roly. She has her own blog, even her own Twitter account. She also has a weekly series where she shows off other dogs. (I think it was her owner's idea to call them 'monsters.') Tilda's post also features one of Janey's drawings of Roly. Check out the other drawing here. Roly really appreciates all this attention - thank you Tilda and Janey!


clare said...

Hey, Congrats Roly!!! Jan did I ever tell you........ I once thought Roly was your husband??? Tehehehe.

Jan Allsopp said...

heh heh. I often wondered about that. I think a lot of people still do! The reason he is in my username and my flickr name is a long long story beginning way back when he was a pup and my (then) little girls wanted me to buy them something from ebay. I'd do it differently now.