Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meet Maddo and Mairuru

Remember the DUST Christmas In July promotion? Sam (Maddo) won my giveaway in one of the many competitions. I sent her off a little parcel of goodies including a hand printed journal notebook and a pouch to keep it in.
Since then I've found out she has opened her own Etsy shop. Its full of gorgeous jewellery pieces and paper goodies. Check it out. She will be so thrilled to have you visit!
I have Mairuru to thank for the inspiration behind the pouch. It is hand pieced patchwork, hand quilted, even the buttonhole is hand sewn. I've rediscovered my love of hand stitching. Mairuru has a fabulous Etsy shop too and a wonderful blog. I got the pattern for the pouch from her blog. I changed it a bit but I hope it still has Mairuru's spirit in it!


planettreasures said...

I think Maddo had so much fun, she was inspired to open her own shop. that's great!
and what a fabulous prize (wish it was mine!)

DELiciousDesignz said...

I can't wait to see all the things that Sam (Maddo) won during CIJ - she ended up winning 5 times. She is one of my best friends who lives near by to me - we do markets together and I talked her into opening up a shop.
Great prize :0)

Maddo said...

Jan - thank you so very much for including me in your blog and your wonderful comments - I feel very honoured :)

Del - you need to check out my Etsy Finds album on FB. And thank you Del for your encouragement as always !

Planet Treasures - I did have the most wonderful time even though my other half wasn't too impressed at the length of time I spent on the forum lol !

Much love, Maddo x

Jan Allsopp said...

My pleasure Maddo! All the best!