Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello! (from me AND the front page!)

How can I explain away my long absence? Let me count the ways!
But I'm back.
Or I will be, when I get my laptop back from the back room of the local Walk-In Mac Repairer.
Then I WILL be able to explain, and with pictures!
There will be my latest works (accompanied by excuses for being away from the blog for so long).
There will be stories of all kinds of exciting things (accompanied by excuses for being away for so long).
And there will be promises of great things to come (also accompanied by... well, you get the picture).
But while I've been quiet and away, others haven't. Esta sketch has featured one of my prints How to make a paper doll's flatlette in a Treasury on Etsy and it is on the Etsy front page right now (be quick - if you miss it, just look down here).
Really, it's good so one has been doing something on here!

1 comment:

janey said...

Hi, I've been away a bit too. My PC died and I bought a MAC. Now I have to learn to use it of course. Looking forward to your newsletter.