Thursday, March 26, 2009

250th post and half a dozen ACEOs

Isn't it funny how you just get used to things. Making my 250th post has made me think again about blogging. I've really enjoyed my blog so far. It has been a much more rewarding activity than I could ever have imagined. I am passionate about the pros of it when others as me 'why?' with that aghast face. And yet somehow I managed to get used to it at the same time, and dare I say, take you, dear readers, for granted.
Well, looking at my blog with fresh eyes I've decided to make some changes! And they will be all for the better! First thing to do is to finish moving all my links (how did I get so many!??) onto my links page to clean up the visual experience here. It's a small change but worthwhile.
I might experiment with a couple of template changes too, so if you visit and it looks weird bear with me!
I'm also going to start a regular post Flaunt It Friday. On Flaunt It Fridays I will post about more than just my art. I will be including tutorials from time to time (yes, for my rebound books too!) as well as a peek into my collection of old books which is a lot more interesting than it sounds. I will feature the work of others, have interviews and more. I'm excited!
Oh, dear. I just realised - tomorrow is Friday! I wonder if I can whip up a post in time!? Here's hoping!
And back to my art... this is my latest series of ACEOs. In these tiny artworks I have explored my treasured memories of my favourite childhood games - cut-out dolls, hide and seek, hopscotch (I was good at the hopping but hopeless at the throwing) and all the other usuals. Ah, skipping stones! How good was that!?
Some of these are still available in my shop. Some sold before they hit the shop! Now that's a good feeling!


nyxcreations said...

I am looking forward to see the new content. I love these new cards you have done, I am in the middle of cleaning up my work room and decided to reuse old course work by turning them into ATC/ACEO pieces instead of just biffing them :)

Chrisy said...

Your work is inspiring as always...look forward to seeing how the blog changes go...

SCB said...

Cool ideas as usual - I do feel somewhat inadequate by comparison! Sara x