Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Two for Tea

I know I've shown my cup prints before, but I have such a lot of fun changing each one a little when I hand colour them, and this is the first Cards and Cup Converge print that I've coloured with these colours, caramel, cream and strawberry.
These two cup images vie for my number one favourite position. It usually comes down to do you like cards or pattern best? I don't know. I think I've just chosen the cards over the fabric patterns simply because they have faces and therefore make a better avatar.
This is also the first time I've used this colour scheme on Fabric and Cup Converge. Purple and indigo - ahh, how nice. I've been building up my shop lately, adding more as often as I can. These two prints are listed now. And I've got more newies to add soon.

1 comment:

Linda said...

These are wonderful. I am eyeing your printing press off - big time.
Are you doing printmaking this SP?