Thursday, July 31, 2008

Llft and se

I had the opportunity to choose a selection of great work for an Etsy Treasury today. I chose some fellow Etsy Dust Street Team members, some friends I've met online and just a few from my list of favourite items on Etsy. Click this link to see the Treasury live on Etsy (only available until August 2, at 8.54pm Etsy time). It takes a little while for the screen to load but it is worth the wait because then you can click on the items and see larger images and info and even buy them if you want. Take special note of ninox's Mole Knight (bottom R). Oh, I just may as well put links to most the lovelies here:
Emma, Kate and her 11 year old son, Janey, melanie, Esta, Shannon, Rob, and Vivian.

ps See the name of the treasury? "Llft and se". I wonder what that means? Well, as I made it up I can actually tell you what it means... It means the phone rang while I was doing it and after several typos I got panicked and pressed enter! It is the one thing in Treasuries that cannot be changed - of course.

1 comment:

janey said...

Oh wow you put me in 2 treasuries. Now that's neat. Thank you. And that's one of my own favorite drawings too. Funny explanation that everyone can relate to.