Saturday, July 19, 2008

So close I think I'm there

Here are the Moleskine exchanges I've been working on that have brought me just about up to date. This one is in Melissa's moleskine and is part of Moly_x_25. There is no theme for her book but I took my lead from Clare's turtle and made mine a water image too with a local flavour added to the exotic wave inspired by Hokusai by including the South Solitary Island and it's lighthouse that can been seen from my beach.
For moly_x_portrait 1 I made a little book to attach inside the front cover as my 'sign-in' page. Each participant in the exchange will draw a quick self portrait in this book. Each page is cut into 3. At the end of the exchange it should be quite a fun little book to see.

For this exchange I drew my self portrait. It now goes on to the next person who draws themselves and me (from photos). And on it goes.

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