Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Biennale! Biennale! Biennale!

The Biennale of Sydney calls and I must answer.

*sings* *dances* *cheers* *screams* *dances* *sings*

Usually I don't get all that excited by the Biennale but this year I am! And I'm going for a week! And I head off tomorrow!

But why so much excitement this year? Well, there is Marchel Duchamp and Alexander Calder. Really that is almost enough. But there is also Joseph Beuys and even some living artists! But actually even this doesn't require this level of excitement.
What I am really excited about is seeing the William Kentridge exhibition at Annandale Galleries and on Cockatoo Island. Now, straight away, click over onto the Annandale Galleries site and have a really good look. Yep, that's what you will be missing out on if you don't get away from this screen and get there! Just because I know how hard it is to actually leave the internet at times, I've put some images of the Kentridge exhibition here to start your blood pumping.
Isn't he brilliant! My guess is you can see why he is my favourite living artist!


Jan said...

I am so ridiculously excited by the prospect of seeing this exhibition that I even had to put a comment on my own post! If you can - just go!

Alison said...

I tried to comment on your later post but the comments wouldn't open. I don't think I'm going to make the william Kentridge exhibition but I will seek out some books on him. The horse exhibit looks amazing. Check out the bike wheel post on my blog!