Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I just added these little notebooks to my Etsy shop.  It is tricky to capture the colours with a photo, but they are printed in layers of silver and lime greens.  The colours change in the light and depending on which way you look at them.  And I think they are pretty groovy baby!
And I have just finished my first bulk order!  50 hand-printed cards. I created my groovy pattern for these.  They are nicely folded and have all their corners rounded now.  They sit in a very satisfying stack!  Now all I have to do is source some nice envelopes to go with them - I'm thinking metallic silver - and then they will be whisked away to their new home - the office of a dear friend who is a lawyer sweet enough to send notes on nice cards when the moment calls for it.  (I think there may be a couple of spares that will make into The Little Shop of Horus soon!)

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janey said...

50 cards? Well you've been busy. And I like these moleskins. Haven't drawn in my pretty one yet. I have a friend who is starting to draw and I thought I'd give it as gift, a pretty encouragement to keep on drawing. Only problem is I like it too much:D