Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Journal Craft

I want to show you a new website I love. Journal Craft is the brainchild of Gill McCowen. Ever wanted an all-in-one resource for your budding (or bulging) journalling questions and ideas? Well, this is the site you've been waiting for. There are lots of fantastic journal-ers and journals to be seen on Journal Craft and I'm very proud to say I've managed to slip in among them.
I'm not so good at screen shots, but that is my 'When I was a little girl page' at the bottom of the page.
And that is a page from my 'Guide France' travel journal.

But, really you can see all that here. So visit Journal Craft to see other great pages and ideas, and there is even a shop where you can buy supplies. Enjoy!

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Heather said...

Hi Jan,
Ow wow, your blog is just gorgeous. I'm so glad I took a quick look. Thanks for sharing about Journal Craft, too. I'll just have to blog about that in the next couple of days. ;-)