Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How about joining in?

I've seen the product of SketchCrawl days on others blogs. For the first time I've actually checked and found the date of the next one BEFORE IT HAPPENS. So, why not join in? I think I will. I'd love it if others from Coffs Harbour will join me, or even elsewhere in Australia. I have copied this from the SketchCrawl site: (I love the rules!)
The idea of SketchCrawl is that of a global drawing marathon: taking a day to journal and draw all that is around you.

How to participate to a World Wide SketchCrawl?

-Look around the forums and see if anyone in your area is getting together for the upcoming SketchCrawl (we set dates every 2 or 3 months).
-If not, put a call out to artists in your city or town.
-If no one responds to your call, you can still go out on the SketchCrawl day and draw away solo (you'll actually get more drawing done that way).
-Then be sure to come back to these forums after the SketchCrawl, share your sketches and experiences and peruse through drawings of fellow "crawlers" from all over the world.

In brief, these forums have those two goals:

1- Get artists together and organized for the upcoming Sketchcrawl.
2- Share artists' sketches and photos from all over the world after the SketchCrawl.
3- Create a community of friends passionate about drawing around the world.

There are no rules:
-Anyone can participate, be it to draw for 20 minutes or the full day .
-Any level of ability is welcome from veteran artists to first time sketchers.
-Any age! Try it with your kids!

From time to time we try and raise funds for a good cause. On those special SketchCrawl we ask this global drawing community to come together and give something back to the world.

- A key thing, help us spread the word!
If you are reading this, I am sure you have a number of friends that might be interested in this as much as you are. Tell them about SketchCrawl! Let's share this idea with the rest of the globe. No borders.
So, when is it happening? March 29th. Leave a comment if you want to join me, or email for that touch of privacy we all seem to love.


Wendy said...

Your second drawing reminds me of the one that won the Dobell.

I might do the sketchcrawl thing. It's a shame we're not closer.

Jan said...

Wow, Wendy! Such hi praise! Thank you! Yes, I am a little isolated. Thank goodness for the internet. I have suggested to another Aussie that we do a virtual sketchcrawl, go out on the day, and post our results even though we are a long way apart. It might be almost as good.

Wendy said...

The Fast Sketching Techniques really has helped me find a way of getting things down quickly. But I think it might be out of print and it's getting expensive now. See if your library can get it in for you. You really only need it for a couple of weeks - learn the techniques and make a few notes.

Anonymous said...


You may want to also add your location in the http://www.sketchcrawl.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=36
in addition to this post, maybe you and your readers can find someone else near you.

There is already one location from Sydney - Australia.

Just make sure to create your location if it doesn't exit using the format of city - country
or city - state - country as applicable.

We hope to see you there.


Anonymous said...

:) I just noticed you already created a location some days ago. Great to see you there... you are fast! :)