Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pile of Index Cards

I've loved Hawk's ideas and photos ever since I first stumbled across them on Flickr. I'm slowly moving toward organisation. I've read the book ('Getting Things Done' is the title elsewhere; here in Australia it is titled "How to Get Things Done" by David Allen). This weekend we put the finishing touches on a filing system Allen describes. It does feel good. Next is to dive into the index card world Hawk so elequently describes. Hawk hangs out over at Pile of Index Cards (or just click the link in my sidebar). He recommends gridded index cards for writing down each idea or to-do. I can't buy them here, so in these photos you can see my solution.

I opened the pack of index cards (I chose blank because I like blank) only enough to reveal one long edge. Then using a ruler and a fine red artline pen I ruled lines at .5cm intervals. Hawk marks the top edge of the cards to categorise them so that when they are in their box (dock) it is easy to see what is what. My red lines give me enough visual info to be able to make my marks in all the right places. And I don't have to worry about doing OS orders which is nice.


Arenzera said...

*drools at the laptop*

Linda said...

PoIC, huh? I just spent waaaay too much time over there reading all about this. Am still a bit confused by it all, but am also so very intrigued! Thanks for a great link -- and please, keep posting about it to let us know how it works!

janey said...

I've been facinated by this since I first followed the link through your blog. It's almost like reading a sci fi novel or maybe a Twilight Zone episode. Facinating and very, very odd. It's almost as if the functionality of the organization has taken over and missed the point of actually getting something done. Having said that, I'm going back to read his most recent posts now.