Monday, April 16, 2007

More Bookfest Bounty

Back to Bookfest and I'm so glad I did. Another inspiring stack. A couple of great pick-ups today. SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas for one. SCUM stands for Society for Cutting Up Men and Valerie is the sweet lassie who shot Andy Warhol. I'm giving this one to my daughter (for academic purposes only!). The two "Sam.." books will make a great present for someone I know (and there is a long tradition of 2nd-hand-weird-books-as-presents there!). The best repurpose-as-journal buys of the day for me were "The Choir-Boy in the making" (Oxford University Press 1923) with great advice included, like the bit on selecting boys. And "Our Hearts were Young and Gay" with delightful pictures.
Ahh, I wonder if I'll get back tomorrow?

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It was for academic purposes only!

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