Sunday, April 15, 2007

In search of the 'perfect' perfect journal

Look at this little hoard! What beauties! This is my booty from the annual Rotary Bookfest - day 1. And all it cost me was $5 for the lot!!! Some classic titles and books here. My favourite being from the "Teach Yourself Building" series and titled "Electricity in the Home". I can see these little gems rebound and reborn as quirky sketchbooks and journals. And that is really what this is all about. The 'perfect' journal was the subject of previous posts here and resulted in my Guide France, Perfume in Provence, Path to Rome and The Function of Voluntary Muscles sketchbooks. Each one 'perfect' for its purpose. But what about all those other purposes I might have? I feel the need for a 'perfect' book to contain each one of them. And so I hoard, because I also don't quite know what purposes I might think up in the future either. This gorgeous little stack will be taken upstairs to sit next to those other stacks I already have. Together they make a fabulous mound of future possibility.

Can't for Rotary Bookfest - Day 2!!! And it goes all week!


janey said...

And you can even draw the journal before you draw in the journal.

Alex said...

If you would like to read a perfect book, try mine - "An Ordinary Black Cat" available from Just read the 1st chapter (free) and then let me know whether you are interested. Some people couldn't prepare for their exams as they couldn't stop reading it. Don't strat when you have only 10 minutes or so before something important as you would be forced to cancell whatever ...Certainly, do let me know... Cheers!