Monday, September 11, 2006

Pages from 'Guide France'

These are pages I've just done in my 'Guide France' rebound sketchbook (see previous posts about rebinding this book). In preparation for our week in Paris, I've drawn maps of the area we will be staying in and added details from walks through the area described in 'Paris Walks' by Sonia, Alison & Rebecca Landes.

The writing is miniscule! I normally have a big bold hand, but this time I didn't want to take up valuable sketching room in my book, so I somehow managed to write like this. I don't know if I'll really be able to read it easily again, but the act of drawing the maps and writing the information has cemented the general ideas in my brain (I hope!).


Linda said...

WOW -- that IS tiny writing! This is a great idea, too.

Janey said...

Now that's ambitious. Drawing your travel journal before you've traveled. At first I thought you glued in the map. Have you read "Drawing from Life - The Journal as Art"? Great Book. There's a journal by an elderly Japanese man where he would take walks and then drew maps of his journeys and this reminds of it. I hope you post the pages when you come back.

Jade said...

Hello Jan!
I love these pictures! Your rebound sketchbook looks beautiful and is a great idea.
thanks for looking at spectrescope and leaving a comment, i'm getting there with the blogging thing...and thanks for the congratulations!
i'll keep checking 'in my spare time'...

Teri C said...

I also thought I was looking at a photo! Wonderful detail work. I can't wait to see the sketches you come with!

Tracy said...

*sigh* I almost hate how gorgeous that is. :)

Seriously, as a fan of those creative/diligent enough to journal, I'm in awe. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! i want to look over these pages with a magnifying glass, losing myself in the details.

Alison said...

Fantastic work, Jan - I can just imagine you walking all these streets.

kat said...

I saw this post on "Why travel to France's", this is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Good work.

Katherine said...

Jan - this is really splendid. Quite reminds me of the way I used to do my geography revision notes where I'd have a diagram / map and then write all the stuff that was really important around the edge in tiny writing! I think I might try doing this next time I travel - at the moment I annotate my Dorling Kindersley guidebook in advance.

I'm blogrolling you on my blog Travels with my Sketchbook in (I have a section for people who put their travel sketchbooks to good use) and will be a feature on you on my other blog Making a Mark - probably tomorrow - if that's OK with you!

Abfab Art Studio said...


What a beautifully written and sketched travel journal - it makes my heart sing as you have combined my loves ... travel, Paris in particular, writing, sketching, drawing, painting, and documenting.

Hope you had a fabulous trip! I'll go see your blog for updates.

PS -- I did a google search for "masks marais paris" and a photo of your travel journal caught my attention. It was shown on and then I found your blog link.

PPS -- I tried your links for your Etsy shop on your blog but they don't work - there is one too many L's in the url.

Teena, Francophile
Sydney, Australia