Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Rob!

It's Rob's birthday today. I hope he is having a great one, in a cabin in some National Park somewhere near Mackay. Rob is my brother and we don't see each other often or even talk on the phone much.

But thinking of you these last couple of days, Rob!

I did this blind contour drawing from an old photo of the two of us. After Sunday morning at church, Mum and Dad would often decide to take a photo of us in our good clothes. Of course this meant facing into the blaring summer sun - for the best light! In this photo we are both squinting badly, trying to keep our eyes open in the glare, and our smiles have slipped from fixed to barely there in the time it took for Dad to actually be ready to click the shutter. This drawing does neither of us justice, but I do like blind contours of family from old photos. It's not the first time I've done them like this. I 'feel' more in them than I do in a sketch that doesn't capture a likeness (I think family are the hardest to capture in a drawing!).

So Happy Birthday Rob!

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Plain Jane said...

Nice. I have a similar brother. What a great idea to do blind contour of a photo!! Especially those old ones, that we think we've memorized... I'm going immediately to my photos to find one.