Saturday, September 02, 2006

My Local Sketchbook

Originally uploaded by Jan and Roly.
'The Function of Human Voluntary Muscles' by ND Royle, published by Angus & Roberston Sydney and London in 1938. I rebound the book including new pages of hot and cold-pressed Arches and Waterford watercolour papers and Stonehenge paper. I was able to re-use almost all of the original pages when rebinding, because of how it had been so badly bound when released. The spine had been way too big for the size of the text block. So even with many new sheets added when rebinding, the new textblock was the right size for the old spine. Unfortunately the old spine was in very poor condition because of this and needed reinforcing with a glued on muslin hinge before the new textblock was added. I also added a ribbon place marker and an elastic closer.

I chose this book because of the diagrams that look like 'how-to' move your arms etc. I will use the book for local sketching and probably alter some of the original pages.


Nancy said...

These all look so great! I didn't realise you were re-using the original pages as well as adding drawing / painting paper. I hope you'll post pages from the books.

Elizabeth said...

Such a great way to make a travel (or other) journal. I've re-used boards before, but not the insides... what inspiration!

And thanks for your kind words over on!

AnastasiaC said...

such a clever idea!!! inspiring as i love old books...a great way to reuse and recylce!

janey said...

This is so neat, what a wonderful idea. I followed the link to your flickr pictures. I'm particually fond of the sewing pattern sketch. But I like all your sketches. Really looking forward to seeing them filled.