Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ten Things Thursday

Here are a few of my favourite studio tools at the moment.

1. Angled brushes

2. I've added a small metal sieve to my pot of oil painting medium. It's a brilliant idea. It's a little like this one. Link

3. My circle cutter. Link
4. My Lamy Joy - a great recommendation from Liz Steel. It has great balance in your hand. Thanks Liz! Link

5. My stash of stamp carving blocks. Link
6. My trusty knife. I am constantly amazed how much I use it! Link

7. I had no idea I needed one of these until I got one. I'm just about to buy my third one! Did you know the better quality the cutting mat, the longer your knife lasts? Link

8. My favourite glue is Henkle brand and I get it from here. I couldn't find a picture of it by itself so that's it nestled in the middle of all the lovely bookbinding equipment.

9. Which makes me realise I should mention my bone folder for which I have found a myriad of uses. It is also in the picture above and I bought it from the same shop (along with that lovely thread and twine).

10. With my recent return to oil painting I needed to avoid the toxic chemicals which gave me health problems in the past. This is my new best friend. Not so much a tool as a supply, but I didn't think you'd mind. Link
What are your favourite tools at the moment in your studio or craft room?

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