Friday, March 05, 2010

3 reasons you should invest in an artwork (and whose)

1. It will improve your life.
Usually we are told that art is a good investment because it will increase in value (sometimes enormously) over time. This is true for artists who gain the right attention, hang in the right galleries and, dare I say it, know the right people. If you are looking for that kind of investment this is not the blog to advise you.

However, a small investment in art will improve your life. Art elevates us, speaks to us in nonverbal ways of things we never thought but always yearned to, it moves us. You can have this everyday simply by placing a work of art in your room where you work, in your home, wherever.

2. Buying art will help save the world.
Usually we are told that donating to various charities will help save the world. I don’t want to suggest that this is not true or that you shouldn’t make donations, but please consider the plight of the artist.

When we look at history we look at its art. Artists today reside in a place in society far from the traditional one with its studio spaces in shabby but trendy parts of Paris or Greenwich Village and its patrons who could be relied upon to emerge from the shadows at an exhibition and buy just enough works to keep the artist going until next time. There are no cheap studios today and no patrons. That means we are all needed to step up to play patron on occasions or artists will go the way of the recently extinct Thylacine. How will the history we are making today look without the diversity of vision artists bring?

3. Art is better than sex.
In researching this article I googled the phrase “art is better than sex” and apparently I am the first to claim this. I’m not surprised. It is really the new taboo in our society.

A statistic commonly bandied about by art-loving bureaucrats is that more people visit art galleries each year than go to sporting events. While this gives me a warm fuzzy, what does it indicate on the ‘sex’ front? We all know we would prefer to have sex than sit and watch some stuffy sport program, so the obvious conclusion is that art is better than sex.

Now that I have you convinced, whose art should you buy? I could suggest many artists but I will give you three that I myself have invested in (yep, I am the lucky owner of these 3 artworks) and have consequently found my life vastly improved - James P Gilmour, Emma Kidd and Annie Matheson (in order of appearance). Actually, I'm going to put in a plug for my etsy shop here too, if you don't mind.

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kyles said...

I've been known to have a long hard think when deciding between retiring for the night and finishing off the last > row - stitch - page - blogpost -insertothercraftybusinesshere < so I totally get the art being better than sex...laughs! And charity does begin at home, I love your way of encouraging investment :)