Saturday, March 13, 2010

EDM Challenge #262 & #263

It's been years it seems since I posted any EDM sketch challenges here. Firstly, here is my shower. It's amazing how something you look at every day just isn't 'seen'! I am definitely moving on getting that new shower rail after this!
This one is 'draw your favourite cleaning product'. Favourite cleaning product? Well, as much as I hate cleaning I must admit I do have a favourite 'product'. Because I hate all products (they make me sneeze and the skin on my hands peel off, I make my own which is not only Jan friendly but environmentally friendly too. I've been using this for a decade or more now. What more recommendation could it need?
I'm wondering what others 'like' to clean with now actually. Do you go for 'smells nice' or 'cleans like paint stripper'? Or do you make your own?

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