Sunday, October 12, 2008

The post you have when you're not having a post

Yes, I'm alive. I've spruced up my banner. What do you think? I'm getting through a great long list of things to do (oh, I wish I had some spare time). I've put in my uni assessment, made a couple of books (show and tell here soon), been away, made some amazing caramelised onion jam and am slowly catching up on the rest of the list. I've also spruced up the banner in my Etsy shop and more importantly spruced up my prices. There is no financial crisis in The Little Shop of Horus - only financial bonuses!!! The Aussie dollar is down so that means my prices are down too. There had to be some good news this week!


janey said...

Like your banner, happily anticipating those new books. Onion jam? Is that an Aussie thing?

scb said...

Hi Jan, I'm glad you're back; I was beginning to be worried that you might have encountered more eight-legged friends! Talk to you soon - I can feel a coffee coming on, in celebration of completing your assignment! Sara x