Thursday, September 18, 2008

Painting and studying painting

I am finally back to studying after a prolonged break caused by a little black eight-legged not-friend!
Yep, that about describes what I've been doing lately. These little black and white detail shots are of some of the mark making I've been experimenting with. Above is using mediums and a broad knife. Below is using a piece of toweling as the applicator.
And this next one was done by applying the paint with sandpaper. Feel lucky I didn't show you the one that I did using... I'll let you guess!
I've also been painting things other than for my uni course. I am really in love with these cup and/or vessel images I've been making. This one is for a dear friends birthday.
And this one went to a lovely couple for their engagement.


scb said...

Are you all right now, Jan? I thought you'd been a bit quiet, after the lovely 'cups'. Hope you're now feeling much better, Sara x

Tepi said...

The light-on-dark has the effect of making this look like an encaustic painting to me. Nice work.

Mallory said...

Cups and patterns - sounds to me like a match made in heaven for you (although it also tingles with a bit of a 'forehead-slap -why– didn't– you– think– of– that– before' vibe) hehehe Fantastic!

kimrennin said...

I study this painting and notice the dark background, so that is where I start. I dip my palette knife in some burnt umber and crimson red, do a little mixing and then start laying in the background color.
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janey` said...

Did you get bit again? I like your cups, especially the bottom one.