Friday, October 19, 2007

Excitement with a stamp on it

Look at this! This gorgeous surprise arrived in my mail box all the way from Janey! She has created this fabric postcard of one of her fabulous drawings by stitching with various machine embroidery stitches onto patterned fabric (ingenious! I would never have thought of that!) and then, it looks to me like she has also added some ink into the mix just to finish it off. THANK YOU JANEY! I love it! And what Janey didn't know was that it arrived just in time for my birthday! And what a lovely birthday I've had. I had a nice one last year - this is the sketch I drew in San Gimignano last birthday.

And a year ago today I went to the Uffizi Gallery in Firenze (Florence, Italy). I LOVE art and (strangely) I love kitch. And I love it when the two coincide. This pencil case is what I bought in the shop at the Uffizi.

I said I've had a lovely birthday this year and here is just a small portion of it...
But the excitement that comes through the mail with a stamp on it won't be ending just yet. For my birthday I'm getting something I'm really excited about, and all I have to do is wait for it to turn up in the mail... Don't worry, you'll be the second to know (after me)!


janey said...

HappY BirthDay to youooooouuu, hApPy BiRthdAy toooOoo yoU a liTtle latE toooooo buT whooooose couuunting :D

Didn't know I could sing did you? Well I never mentioned it on my blog but people have been known to pay me not to sing since I don't accept australian dollars, you're out of luck :D

Walter Logeman said...

I popped over to your blog, and what a happy occasion! Nice work from Janey.

Happy birthday!

I have another incantation up, more on the way.

Katherine S said...

Happy birthday :)

I read a book about the Uffizi Gallery when doing VIS18, that must have been amazing to visit!

Jan said...

Thanks everyone!
Katherine, the Uffizi was amazing. Really unlike anything I could have possibly have imagined. It was WAY to much! A long time before I got any where near the end I found myself thinking "If I ever see another Renaissance masterpiece again..." (which is something I never thought I could possibly think!) It confirmed me as a Neo-Classical gal for all time.

fingerstothebone said...

H Jan,

Thank you for your note. I love your sketches and drawings in your sketchbook; they're very lovely. Would love to see more of your Firenze sketches too. There's so much to see...only had the chance to check out Tidarithms (wonderful!) for now, but I'll be back for more!