Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's my deal...

I'm making a deck of cards. Here is another batch of completed cards. All cards are 3.5" x 2.75" and are drawn on both sides. (Each image shows both the front and the back.) My suits are a little different to the traditional ones. My 'Hearts' suit actually contains other body parts too. My 'Spades' suit used the basic shape of the spade, but turned it into a footprint. My 'Clubs' suit has a variety of objects that are all 'club' shaped. My 'Diamonds' suit is all food; many of the foods have an element of the diamond shape in them, some don't. It's all a bit of fun.

The King of tippy toes

The two of kidneys

The seven of staphylococci

If you missed seeing the other cards previously posted here, click on the 'playing cards' label below or visit my Flickr site and view the Playing Cards Set.


Anita said...

What an exciting project, they look great!
Did you cut the cards yourself or purchase a blank deck?

Teri C said...

What a fun project! I love the backs as much as the fronts.

Mallory said...

That is so much fun! What gorgeous cards...
So talented.

Your Host...Roger B. said...

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I enjoy viewing Your Blog
(because it looks professional )

Also I want to let You know that
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10:30 PM

Emma said...

I love these - I am really interested in alternative playing card designs and I am also making my own set!

janey said...

These are so neat. You should try and get them printed as cardsets. I know I'd buy one and I don't play cards.

Marie-Dom said...

What a great idea and such a fantastic opportunity to get creative . I shall enjoy watching the progress of your pack of cards.