Friday, July 13, 2007

For Janey (You can look too if you like)

In my break away from blogging and art I made my first patchwork quilt. I have had the fabric for ages and the project was firmly in my "one day" basket. But a visit from my daughter who loves to sew and wanted to show me how to make a quilt, meant that I actually have made a quilt!

I'm actually a little disappointed in the intensity of the colours now it's all together - I thought they would look brighter. They are actually more subdued than shows in these photos. They aren't dull! But they don't 'pop'. As a result I've discovered I prefer the look of the quilt folded. (I've always secretly loved folded quilts and I've found out I'm not alone!) So you only get to see it that way. Also it's a little to big to photograph easily as it is a generous single bed size. And you get to see it here thanks to Janey who asked so nicely!

On the art front, I have started painting again (phew!) but nothing to show just yet.


shirley said...

Your quilt looks lovely Jan. The pastel colors are very soothing - and now you can make another with dramatic contrasts! The "threads" section of my blog has decreased as my sketching has increased - and I need something to get me back to unfinished quilts.

redredday said...

hi Jan! so good to see a new post here. i can't believe this is the first quilt that you made. you're lying. ;). it is just lovely with the fabrics you chose and how you put them all together. love the little red starry flowers and the three little dotted ones against the prettiest blue in the world.

after a week or so after your chocolate post i've been checking back regularly wondering when you're going to be back from your break. so it was such a wonderful surprise to get your comment the other day. something about what you wrote really touched me and makes me feel so pleased to have connected with you.
so glad that you're back to posting and sharing your art and thoughts on things!

janey said...

Well I like your colors. And folded quilts are the end result of making so many you don't know what to do with them so I expect to see more quilts here. And you know what folded quilts do? They hide all those unfinished quilt tops that everyone has.

Carmen said...

Hi Jan,

Great quilting!!! Great taste!! Yes, guilty... I'm another big fan of the folded quilt. A very homely touch to add to anywhere.

I'll have to get some tips!!

Nyx said...

lovely quilt jan!

janey said...

I just noticed that you have a Janey label for your posts. That's so cute. I'm a category.