Wednesday, June 20, 2007 too much chocolate

I think I just needed a break from everything. I was a bit surprised myself. After I finished my submissions for my art course, got healthy again, no visitors, no major commitments, I thought I'd be drawing and blogging up a storm. But no. It does feel a bit like when you eat too much chocolate. You know, it was sooooo good and you didn't want to stop, but you really just had to. The end result for me is this little break in my blogging output. It won't be for long though. I promise.

And speaking of sweet things - how sweet is this! This fine artwork has actually been drawn by someone who I would never have guessed would dabble with a pen. The keyboard is firmly his friend. But here it is. And furthermore, he did it to brighten our day at work. What a lovely surprise. And regulars to my blog may almost recognise him. He visits here from time to time leaving strange comments. His cybername is something indecipherable and starts with "A". Maybe he'll leave a comment this time.


Arenzera said...

Before I read the second half of your blog entry I was almost about to post a comment saying, "Jan! You did not make that totally awesome artwork in your spare time!"

Incase you're interested, my indecipherable name beginning with A is just some weird word (you'd probably describe it as a strange sequence of letters) I made up in my story writing days.

Glad you like the artwork :-) Thanks for the write up :-D God bless.

Anne-Laure said...

I've been enjoying looking through your work and also checking out your links - some really great work!
It sounds like you're wise to know when you need to take a break and not force the art stuff. I think that's when you sometimes free up the space for new inspiration to pop into your head without you even willing it to. (I'm trying to remind myself of that at the moment, because I've been stuck in bed for the past few days feeling frustrated and grumpy about all the work I'm not doing).
well, I hope you can enjoy some rest!

janey said...

Well this break (short!) will definitely make me anticipate what comes next. And what do you mean eat too much chocolate? I've never heard of that.

Linda said...

I sure do understand the break part! Not the eating too much chocolate, though. I'm with Janey on that one!

Nyx said...

Sometimes a little RNR is all anyone needs... as for chocolate hangovers.. Been there and done that far too often!

Jade said...

enjoy your break Jan! you deserve it. A break can be good for art n stuff.

Arenzera's drawing is gorgeous.

By the way, i really love those drawings in your 'drawing up a storm' post.