Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rebound Artist's Book

Another artist's book. This one made by rebinding the reworked pages of an old library book "Logarithms". The artist's book is titled "Tidarithms".

The theme of the book is the mangrove near my home. (If you missed my previous post on working with these mangroves click here.)

This book looks at the tidal level at 3pm each day for two weeks in April/May this year. I chose the Logarithms book because I felt it was appropriate. The maths behind the tides escapes me. (And what I may have once known about logarithms has left me.) I know the tides are governed by forces that are understood, but they seem strangely random to me.

I used a date stamp to 'draw' the mangroves aerial roots. The rest is pencil, acrylic and collage.

The original pages have been rebound in a Japanese fold block that is detachable from the covers. Click here to see more images of this book on Flickr.


molly jean said...

Jan that is very cool. Your art and creativity and the use of that particulare book! Its also neat to get featured on notebookism! I enjoy their bringing together a variety of artists who work with and in books.

janey said...

Well you've been busy. This is definitely cool. Like you choice of books and the date stamp is is so ingenious.

Linda said...

Jan, this is so interesting! I'm amazed at your sheer creativity... awesome!