Tuesday, May 30, 2006

4 Pens Tested

These are very quick sketches I just did to try out 4 of the (seems like) hundreds of pens I now have. (See previous post.) The sketches are not great but I did quickly find each pen 'expressed' itself (or is it myself?) differently. I was amazed at the thick smooth expressive lines that came out of the bottom righthand pen. It has a circle on the end of the nib. Lines that are smooth - but not too smooth, if you know what I mean. I love character over perfection everytime. Even the tiny nib that I could barely get to work scratched out it's own characteristic lines that have their own charm.

Now all I have to do is practise my drawing... and test more pens.


shirley said...


This is great fun for me to see your experimentation. Please keep sharing the quick sketches with all of us as you test and retest your treasures.

Laura said...

I really like seeing how differently those nibs work---and the subject you've chose to demonstrate this is wonderful! I'm so happy that you've started blogging.