Thursday, April 15, 2010

My week & Giveaway close extended

I've had a GREAT week in Sydney and just got back. I can't draw the winner to Giveaway 2 until tomorrow so I'm extending the closing time by 12 hours until 7am Friday 16th (tomorrow EST, Australia). To enter post a comment on the Giveaway 2 post and for a 2nd entry follow this blog!

I had some great fun with my iPhone camera in Sydney...

We went to a Mexican restaurant that served Margaritas in tumblers
because all their Margarita glasses had been smashed.

I spent most of my time in the Inner West which is my favourite part of Sydney
(or it might be if I did favourites).

I stayed with 4 different friends or family, some more than once.
Due to my schedule and theirs I usually got to spend time with them
NOT on the days I stayed with them!

I went to Pub Trivia at the Youth with my daughter and her friends.
Technically we won.

Unfortunately Murray the quiz master has some irrelevant and redundant 'jeopardy question' thing AFTER the final scores are added up (and we won!). After this suspiciously unfair question we came 5th.
Technically we won.

Sat with a drink and enjoyed the beautiful Darling Harbour night view.

Went to the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman exhibition. I always enjoy it. The Sulman is my favourite because it is usually quite fun.

These are detail shots of Damien Kamholtz' Breath (full view below), a finalist in the Sulman.

I hope you had a great week too!


Liz Steel said...

glad you had a great week - I haven't been to the Archibald this year (yet...)
Hope we get a chance catch one time when you are down

Amarettogirl said...

Love this post!! I do art exhibit post too and its so great to share with those of us who can't get a chance to see it! Yay! thanks!