Thursday, April 01, 2010

Lucky No. 4 - Blog birthday and giveaways!

It's been 4 years since I started this blog! What a wonderful time I've had. It has been quite extraordinary in fact and very different to what I expected when I started out, not knowing quite what I was doing or why. I want to thank all my readers for being so wonderful and I'm going to do it in grand style with an emphasis on the number 4!

During the 4 weeks of April (the 4th month of the year) I will be holding 4 giveaways! There is a bit of a crazy schedule to the giveaways because I'm going away for a while in the middle of it all. This weeks giveaway will close on Wednesday 7th at 7pm EST (Australia). I'll announce the dates for the other giveaways each week so stay tuned!

This week to enter the giveaway all you need to do is answer this question: What are 4 things you want to do in the next 4 years? Leave your answer in a comment on this post. I'll randomly select the winner but I really want to know what your plans are because I'm making plans at the moment too. It'll be fun reading your plans and letting you in on my plans as we go along.

I finished sewing this last night and it will be the first giveaway! I love it! It is 100% hand-stitched - hand pieced, hand quilted, hand stitched, even a hand sewn buttonhole! It is also hand embroidered picking out the leaf pattern in the ecru coloured fabric. All cotton fabric, thread and batting means it's as lovely to hold as it is to look at. It could be used for so many things. I've made heaps of these pouches lately (none quite as special as this one though!) and the most popular use for them is to hold all your bits and pieces in your handbag. Makes changing handbags a breeze! So add a comment to enter and don't forget to name 4 things you want to do in the next 4 years. Thanks everyone!



thursday said...

Alright, you've got me thinking.

1. visit the east coast in the summer
2. run a successful handmade business
3. buy my first home
4. teach my baby girl some crafts!

Love the little purse!

Jan Allsopp said...

OK, well I'll start it off!
1. I want to drink vin santo in the piazza in San Giminano at 4pm on an Autumn afternoon.

2. I want to think about getting a puppy.

3. I want to paint every single day.

4. I want to walk slowly down the beach and loose track of time.

tractorgirl said...

oh yeah!
1. I want to make something every day

2. I want to get enough money from working from home, making my own stuff forever

3. I want to finish building our house (9 years already) and move into it

4. I want to get myself my own little studio space that is MY space

(hmmm... do I sound obsessed with making?)

Morphologica said...

Great idea for entries :) Love the prize too!! Very cute.

1) Get my PhD (VERY soon)
2) Become a real person again
3) Buy a house
4) Get two little burmese kitten friends

Not very exotic ;)

Jackie said...

Love the purse, very inspiring.
Here goes 4 things.
1.Continue to be the best mum I can and guide my children through this crazy world we live in.
2.Successfully run my new business from home.
3.Own our own house.
4.Be HAPPY!!!

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

four years hey,
1. maybe have another baby?
2. go to Morrocco
3. study design
4. become a great photogrpaher ( not a professional one- just a good one)

Anonymous said...

1. Become a world famous LEGO artist

2. Finish at least 10 books in my LEGO instruction book series "Building Secrets from the Masters"

3. Visit Japan and Brazil again.

4. Travel to Europe and Australia

Carol C said...

Okay, four things in four years:
1. Win a cool giveaway contest like this one.
2. Learn to bind books really well.
3. Become proficient at painting.
4. Get my hiking legs back on.

Paula D. said...

My four things would be:
1. Meet my granddaughter that is due to be born in July.
2. Get my hand sewn goods out there in the world.
3. Move into my house that's under construction.
4. Have a great time while doing the previous three.

Lu said...

I want to:
1. Finish my English and German Studies at university.
2. Sell some of my handmade goods.
3. Travel to an English speaking country.
4. Live my dreams.

What you you wanna do in the next four years??? :)


rosanna Hope said...

I love your little hand sewn bag!
1. I want to continue to LIVE, in remission for leukemia so enjoy to the fullest the next 4 years

2. Paint fabric designs every day

3 Be around my wonderful family and grandbabies as often as possible

4.Run a custom design fabric business succesfully.

BlackCrow said...

Hi Jen, just found you on the DUST team forum! had a quick look at your prints on Etsy, very cool work indeed.
4 years blogging...well done!



melanie said...

Ooh, Rosanna Hope - a woman after my own mind :)

1. I want to be given the All Clear from breast cancer!
2. I want to become more disciplined in doing productive art stuff every day.
3. I want to manage my time better.
4. I want to never forget how wonderful life is, and to live it and love to the fullest!

Dandelion Wishes said...

Simply - I want to sew more, read more, travel more and LOVE more!!

jenny @giftboxology said...

i want to:

1. get high enough marks in my grad dip to get into my honours year

2. make a success of my business that i have just started, it makes me so happy to work on it, ideally i would love it to be profitable and it in turn helps other Aussies

3. have another child

4. buy a great house in an area that we love and want to settle in (preferably by the beach)

SCB said...

Hi Jan! Since you ask...
1. I want to move into our house and unpack the boxes that have been in the shed for 4 years (it's that number again)
2. I want to be a lot more disciplined about making time for my art (perhaps this should be number 1?!)
3. I want to practice meditating more: it really helps to calm me and focus me on my work
4. I want to get a veggie garden going again and enjoy eating our own food.

I could go on, but frankly that already sounds like enough to keep me going! Good luck with your own ideas: I'm intrigued about the puppy! Sara x

Casey said...

1. Open my esty shop
2. Be a better mother
3. Quit my day job
4. Write a book

Not too ambitious, huh?;)

Kim said...

1. write my book
2. travel & speak (first class air)
3. have a home base in No Cal
4. give tons to charity

Skooks said...

Here goes:
1) open up on Etsy
2) purchase my first home
3) plan a getaway WITH my husband WITHOUT kids (even if it's just for a night or 2)
4) get plugged back into a church

=o) kel said...

hmm... 4 is my favorite number!!

1. baby #3!!!
2. renew vows with DH and have a big 'ol fancy party on the beach (we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary june '12)
3. more pets!! maybe another turtle but definitely a couple more cats & dogs =o)
4. run my business somewhere btwn part and full time, where the business is self-sufficient financially and gives me some side $$ to help pay bills.

thanks!!! lovies, =o) kel

BeaderBubbe said...

Wow...only 4? I have so many...
1. Retire from my job
2. Get my jewelry business running full time
3. Take a cruise (to anywhere)
4. Be blessed with a granddaughter (I have 6 grandsons whom I love dearly - know this is something I have no control over, but wishes are good)