Friday, February 19, 2010

Tonight ~ tonight

The 'official' opening of our exhibition is on tonight. I'm not fussed with the term 'opening' and prefer 'soiree' because the exhibition actually opened on Wednesday. But who wants to go to an exhibition opening on a Wednesday night in Gladstone? (A: no one.) So tonight is by far the best time to have it, however, the term 'opening' has confused quite a few people. And so our exhibition soiree is on tonight! The wine is already in the boot of my car, I'm packing cds and making nibblies and it should be very very good.

Deep Thought (Pink Henna)
Mixed Media on paper, 10cm x 10cm

We have had some good response to the exhibition so far and today I am heading down there earlier to spend time in the gallery. I'll also be there all weekend if you are thinking of coming for a look.

Next week I should be organised enough to show more images of the works you haven't seen yet. So "cheers" to you if you can't be there tonight. I really appreciate all my readers and thank you very much for the support you give me!


SCB said...

Hi Jan, congratulations on your exhibition! Hope you have a fantastic time tonight with lots of people coming and helping put little red dots on all your work! See you soon, Sara x

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Good luck Jan - I hope it goes well for you. Bring on the red dots!!

Annie Matheson said...

The exhibition looks great Jan. Well done to all of you Wish I could come up to see it. Good luck Annie