Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hanging the exhibition - conVerge

What a day we had yesterday! Exhibition hanging day was long but a great team effort by us all has resulted in a fabulously exciting exhibition. The Macleay Valley Gallery at Gladstone (NSW) is situated at the side of the community hall. It is a wonderful space. This is the view of our exhibition "conVerge" from the front doors. If you would like to know what each bit of the photo is, click on it and you will be taken to it's Flickr page where I've annotated them. It's almost like being there! Ha. Not really. You still need to come if you can!

It was a long day and I took these photos at 9pm (before my 1 hour drive home). I thought my eyes were blurry but no, I did something wrong with the camera and the photos are blurry. I promise better shots later in the week. This is the view when you turn and look back at the front door.
Yes, we have a little "shop" area thanks to Julia acquiring the spinning card rack at bargain price! It's full of Julia and Natalie's cards, my hand printed cards, notebooks and unframed prints. I've also got some small blank books and hand stitched patchwork pouches.

These are my recent mixed media works on paper (below). All female faces layered with book pages and patterns.

I'm so excited to show you this little work, my "Portrait in 5 Parts". They are tiny oil on canvas paintings in found frames. Some of the frames have very old curved glass and the cluster on the wall looks great, with just a touch of something spooky. Do you like it?

These are the first works of my Paris series. Oil on canvas they glow richly under the gallery lights. I kept looking at this little corner of the gallery all day and thinking "ahh, Paris!"

The back room of the gallery is filled with Natalie and Julia's works. It has an entirely different 'feel' to that of the front room. It is an exciting feeling, adventurous even. Click on the photo (as with all in this post) to visit the Flickr page to see whose is what. The plinth in the centre has 4 small artist books by me and another of my "booquets".

Natalie Bateman is an indigenous artist and has large paintings on canvas in the exhibition. Natalie currently lives in Nambucca Heads and the beautiful coast there as well as her tradition home on the south coast have influenced these works. Julia is exhibiting mainly photographs and she is a powerhouse of skills. She is currently setting up a business that will assist artists with promotion, publishing and much more.

It was a long day but a good one. I'm truly excited about the exhibition. Hope I see you there!

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planettreasures said...

the exhibition looks really terrific.
It must be such a lot of work to arrange an event like this, but I think it looks beautifully curated.
such a variety and such interesting works.
I love the Paris pieces.