Thursday, January 21, 2010

Talk about inspiring!

Yes, I am still painting every day! Yay! It is good. What is really a surprise though is I've changed my painting media from acrylic to oils!!! I've used oils in the past but gave up due to allergies and health issues around chemical overload.

So why have I gone back? I was told to. (I'm so suggestible!) I was told to by none other than Vincent Fantauzzo (2008 Archibald Prize portrait of Heath Ledger) and Steven Jacks (I can't find a decent link to his work sorry, but believe me it is incredible!) when I was fortunate enough to meet them and spend a day with them in a painting workshop. It was particularly interesting because they share a studio and work together in an almost brotherly way. Their techniques are similar as are their views. It was most enjoyable.

No previews of my oil paintings yet. Oil paints are not blogging friendly as they take so much longer to finish. I can say I am excited to be finally working on my Paris paintings! It seems they were waiting in my mind until I rediscovered what is possible with oil paints.

These two are not Vince and Steven. They are in fact Parisians I spied and tried to capture.

What is it about Parisians and Paris itself that is so... what's the word... Parisian!?


Cath from chunkychooky said...

I am excited to see your work in oils- I love the woman with the dog- you were obviously very inspired over there.

innerearthsoaps said...

Exciting Jan! I love, love oil paintings, the colours are just so much more rich and vibrant.

Back in my art class days I used to love painting with inks too (your stripey Paris man almost looks inky?). I painted a series of live nudes in long fluid brush strokes in blue/green/yellow inks. No idea what happened to them though ...

Angela said...

Me too!!! (with making friends with oils again)
So jealous about the workshop too.. sounds amazing!

Julie Stenning said...

Lovely Pictures Jan.