Thursday, January 28, 2010


My upcoming group exhibition is getting close! Only a couple of weeks away now, it opens on Wednesday 17th February and runs for 5 days, last day Sunday 21st. The exhibition will be in Gladstone (NSW not Qld). If you don't know Gladstone it is a picturesque village on the Macleay River north east of Kempsey on the way to South West Rocks, a truly beautiful part of the world. Gladstone itself is a historic village, largely unchanged except that it is now a thriving creative community. The MV Gallery is a wonderful space beside the village hall.
I'd love you to come along and see us. Julia, Natalie or myself (or all of us!) will be there when you visit. We are having a celebration/opening on the Friday night starting at 6pm.

How do you get there? If you are coming from Coffs Harbour it is an hours drive (approx 100 km) south on the Pacific Highway. Don't take the first turn to South West Rocks. A couple of kilometers further along take the (left) turn to Gladstone, Smithtown and South West Rocks. Gladstone is 5 kms off the highway; drive past Smithtown (on your right) and cross the river. Turn right and you have arrived in Gladstone. (On the map below you will be coming from the South West Rocks direction.) There really is only a couple of streets in Gladstone so you won't have trouble finding the gallery. There are brown signs that lead you straight to it in Kinchela Street. There are other galleries and shops to check out while you are there and a wonder old Aussie pub for refreshments.
I'll be exhibiting some of my recent work you will have seen here and some new work you haven't. With the other two artists joining me, it's going to be a great exhibition!


Sharon Brennan said...

Hope to get there on the Sunday. Prior commitments Friday evening and Saturday.

Jan Allsopp said...

Thanks Sharon! I will see you then!