Saturday, July 04, 2009

Saturday Shopping List - Relax

I need to relax. I think we all do really. Let's relax. Right now. This weekend.

Or maybe next weekend... See this is my problem! So much to do and so little time! This weekend is not an opportunity for me to relax! Today I am driving to Taree to give another talk on selling art on Etsy and about the Down Under Street Team (DUST). Don't get me wrong. I love doing this and I am really excited about being there and meeting everyone! I am still amazed that I've turned into a public speaker - me! But I LOVE it.

Tomorrow I'll be in Sydney visiting my daughters. Too much fun and excitement there to have time for relaxing! And Yay! for that! Bring it on!

Monday I'll be flying home just in time to go straight to work...

Tuesday... oh, why bother trying to figure it out!

I think what I'll do is relax by shopping at Etsy. I do that often enough and it has worked everytime! So, today's shopping list theme is 'relax.' I hope you get some!

And my all time favourite relaxing soap from Inner Earth Soaps - Unwind

Aah, I feel quite a bit better now.


Chrisy said...

I have the answer! No work on Monday! After all you need to look after yourself so that you'll be fit for work on..well..maybe Tuesday!
ps love that first necklace

Leanne Lonergan said... are such a busy lady!

I have given your lovely blog an award.
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