Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shopping List Saturday - Bones

I'm a bit late with my shopping list this week but with my mum and her fractured pelvis it's been a strange week. I thought I continue the strangeness just a little bit longer even though my shopping list DID include a bone today - a ham hock for making baked beans!

lovely bone marina by monkeymeditates

Pet Chamois - Bad to the Bone by tlccustomcreations

Fish Bone Crochet Pattern - PDF from stripeyblue

Bronze Raven Skull Ring Crow Bird Head from Moon Raven Designs

LITHOGRAPH called Carotene by Orange Friendly


littlebigprojects said...

What a lovely collection :)
Thank you for including the fish bones <3

Chrisy said...

Like the lithograph...hope all the bones are healing okay...