Friday, April 10, 2009

A Foodie Flaunt-It-Friday

Wow, it's Friday again already and I haven't managed an in between post. Oh, well - I will be posting more soon because I'm on holidays from work for a couple of weeks. In the meantime and in the newly started tradition of Flaunt It Friday, here are some books I wanted so show you.
Modern Gelatine Cookery is one of my all time favourite finds, so much so that when I found a second copy of it I snapped it up again - thinking maybe I could bear to pull it apart if I had a spare! So far it hasn't worked out that way. Let me seduce you with some culinary temptations - just remember - every single one has gelatine as it's basic ingredient! Mocha Cream Eclairs, not too bad so far; Chicken - Party Style (illustrated page 8) and no, you don't want me to show you!; Lobster Royale, why would you combine lobster and gelatine? and Jellied Borsch. There are whole chapters on Garnishing with Gelatine, Skills with Gelatine and in the Low Calorie Recipes chapter there is Fingernail Treatment, in between Weight Control and Tomato Cocktail!
The book at the front (above) is Better Homes and Gardens Salad Book. It was originally published in 1958 and my copy is its 10th printing in 1968 and yes, it encompasses the finger food of the swinging 60's. I think it was actually the inspiration for the food in the movie Mermaids! We are called to Mix grapefruit and orange sections in these inviting ways (serving suggestion) and there is of course, Summer Pineapple Platter. But wait! There is more gelatine! including Different: a "salad-sandwich" which has grapefruit sections in lemon gelatine instead of the top slice of bread! I'd better move on before I forget and mention the Grapefruit-Cheese Squares. Oops! Sorry.
Far less confronting is the book at the back Giving a Party, How to Survive while your Guests Enjoy Themselves, a hefty hardcover number published in 1980. Ah, the dinner party era! And what good news! - you will survive while they enjoy themselves! (Somehow that is not my ideal scenario for my parties.) I'm sure it has some real gems in its 245 pages. Just flipping through (no, I haven't read it) I found:

Boiled new potatoes
This familiar vegetable can be omitted for slimmers but is a delicious accompaniment to salmon. Boil the potatoes in their skins half-an-hour before guests arrive, skin them and put them in a fireproof dish with butter and a lid over them for half and hour.
Hmmm. How exciting. (Are they sure the guests will enjoy themselves?)


planettreasures said...

LOL! Oh! yeah! gelatine was the way-cool food once.

Jan Allsopp said...

Yeeeeaaarrrh. Actually, I think it's coming back into vogue again. I've noticed it in quite a lot of recent recipes!