Saturday, January 12, 2008

The skeletons are out of my closet

I remember as a child I could see faces, people and things hidden in the patterns that surrounded me on the walls, the curtains, the rugs and the furnishings. I grew to have my favorites. When I would be sitting on my favorite patterned rug, or wherever, I would look for my 'friends' who lived in the pattern invisible to others.

'Clown Skeleton Wallpaper' * is a triptych I painted recently. It is of my 'friends' Bozo and Pete. Based on a traditional damask pattern, I turned a pleasant floral design into a work that shows the two clowns intricate skeletal patterns - or at least what I imagine the clowns skeletons to look like.

I've been having fun with Bozo and Pete again, now that I have my Print Gocco. This is a limited edition print I did of them, a kind of reverse x-ray that has them stark black on bright white. They look gorgeously wallpaperish.

I just had to keep printing them, they are so much fun, so I had a go at customising the covers of some Moleskine Cahiers. Bozo and Pete are even surprised at how good they look... all their x-ray glory in ghostly greyish-white on black to make cards.

...and getting ready to spread themselves around on panels of joined gift tags.

All available for purchase in my new Etsy shop The Little Shop of Horus. I'm loving having my little shop and want to thank everyone who has clicked on over already. If you haven't, check it out.

I'm thinking of trying out other skeletons in a wallpaper mix... I have a rather evil bunny in mind...

*'Clown Skeleton Wallpaper' painting is available for sale. They look great but are very difficult to capture in a photo as much of their detail is revealed in the texture of the paint and how it reflects the light; they are painted in ultra mat and semi gloss artist quality acrylic paints. If you are interested just email me. Original triptych, acrylic on canvas panels, each panel 20 x 20 inches/51 x 51 cm.


Anonymous said...

You're going to have to change the name of your blog if you continue this way. The black and white looks so elegant but I really like those bright bright ones.


Wendy said...

I use to do the same thing as child, and I would especially find "characters" in the textures of walls and the wood grain of doors. I was mainly fawned of three little old ladies' faces found in my bedroom door.

I love your pattern and it was fun seeing Bozo and Pete emerge.


Jan said...

Thanks Janey. I've often thought you should change the name of your blog too. You've finished your journey - you have arrived!

And thanks Wendy. I checked out your blog and I love the things you both make. Food softies! Absolutely fabulous!

Carol said...

Jan, I have to admit I still look for pictures in my bedroom ceiling ( a dreadful sprayed on vermiculite stuff) but I find dogs wherever I look. Your clown skeletons are very elegant and I'd love to see what you do with an evil bunny. You inspire me to retrieve my gocco printer from my daughter - we are good at sharing but I think it's my turn now.

Anonymous said...

The journey continues. I'm going to gocco, I'm going to gocco I am! Especially now that I actually have some inspiration sitting right next to me. I love my little journal and the cards!