Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No need to search for the perfect journal anymore

I've written a few posts over the years about my search for the 'perfect' journal. From the stats of this blog, I frequently see people have 'found' me by searching for that very thing on Google. I have found a few solutions to the issue in the past. I still LOVE my rebound sketchbooks and my Firenze one, ....but... well, I'm sure you understand... the search goes ever on...

And here is my latest solution! I've been printing the covers of Moleskine Cahiers with my new Print Gocco!
I love this cow cover. "This is a diary. The dairy is across the other side of town." This one came about from my (and I don't think it is just me) confusion over the two words. In fact, I have a friend who insists on calling her diary a dairy!
I've put my "Clown Skeleton Wallpaper" on moleskines with the natural covers.
I've put my "Glamour Girl" on the covers too. In fact, she wraps around onto the back cover too. I drew her with my drawing tablet and printed her with 2 screens.
I love pattern! I just had to have patterned covers.
Yep, they're all Moleskine pocket Cahiers (3.5 x 5.5 inches/9 x 14 cm).
Swirly patterns that grace the side of a cover are just enough fabulousness to quickly tell me which is the front when I'm in a rush to jot down some idea or do a quick sketch.
Dots! How can there ever be enough dots in the world?
If you are searching for that perfect journal, these are for sale in my etsy shop The Little Shop of Horus, well the ones I'm not using myself, that is.


Teri C said...

These are all so beautiful and fun. Esp. the dairy/dairy one :)

Jan said...

thanks Teri! I'm glad someone 'gets' me!!!

Jan said...
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Jan said...

Ooops! That deleted comment looks bad doesn't it? It was just me being impatient and clicking the 'Publish Your Comment' button twice. Why is it that I always think the first click didn't work and do it again? Always results in two of everything, including comments!

Anonymous said...

Well someone has been a tad bit busy here. There are never enough dots, never. Like chocolate. And I love my swirly one.


Anonymous said...

Me again, I hope all this goccoing doesn't mean you're not making any more journals. I've never seen anything like those journals. They're so lovely and lovingly made too.


Rebecca Hickman: said...

I like the cow one the best. Funny!

iHanna said...

Jan, the first ones are so funny! Great inspiration on the outside of these books, you did a grand job!